Seed Drill And Seed Planters : Australia

Seed drill and seed planter are considered to be the first revolutionary changes in the field of farming. Before hem, native methods like sowing by using hands were implemented. These methods took a lot of time and offered low efficiency. They were also ineffective in many regions because of the varied climatic conditions.

But the machines, now developed, offer far better efficiency. Khedut Agro is an Indian conglomerate, which has pioneered the manufacturing of automatic seed drill and seed planter. Our company has a stronghold in India and nearby regions. But we are now looking to expand to other countries. The company will be soon starting its operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Manufacturing under the brand of Khedut started in 1997. Since then, the company has been exporting its equipment worldwide. The equipment, especially automatic seed drill and seed planter, have been appreciated for their higher efficiency. But moving to Australia is a major step for the company. Australia offers a vast level of exposure and opportunity. Along with it, the challenges are more too.

The huge potential that Australia holds is visible to everyone. The country offers ideal temperature conditions for farming of many kinds of vegetables and fruits. From summer crops to pasture renovation – the products can be helpful in a number of areas. The country has been a major supplier of food grains for the world. And, using better quality products will surely help to increase the output quantity as well as quality.

Our company offers customer oriented products. This means that we can tweak the current line of products we have to suit your needs. You may require a larger automatic seed drill for your farms. Or you may require a seed planter with more capacity. At Khedut, we have a solution for all your problems and needs.

For example, one of the most selling products is the mini tractor driven seed planter. It plants seeds, fertilizers, creates water channels and covers the seeds with soil – all at one time. Farmers can also plant seeds of two different kinds using this planter. And even with so many facilities, our products are one of the cheapest products across the world.

Khedut Agro has always been about customer satisfaction. And we guarantee that moving in to a new area is always challenging. But with the kind of history that Australia and India have and the farming opportunities the country offers, we are looking forward to have a lasting relationship with the farmers of Australia.

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